Wolverine Moonbox Rig

Wolverine Moonbox Rig

At Tri-Point, we consider ourselves to be the Australian film rigging specialists.  Since our inception in 1998, we have managed the rigging on most major film productions in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

We’ve rigged challenges for television shows such as Australia’s Next Top Model, The Biggest Loser and Master Chef. We’ve also worked on hundreds of television commercials and music video clips.

The Tri-Point Directors were all career Riggers before moving into film, and we have drawn from this diverse experience base to develop our film rigging expertise. With Tri-Point co-ordinating the Rigging for your production, you are ensured that the rigging will be safe, reliable, installed on time and cost effective.

Tri-Point can be involved from below the floor (with tank set ups) up to the roof grid. We can design, supply and install your rigging.

We work with the following departments:

Art Department

Set support scaffold, scaffold rostrum, underwater rostrum, flown or ground supported ceilings or backings, tab track, heavy duty track, practical access, safe working access, handrails and inertia reels.


Suspended or ground supported truss or scaffold tube grids, indoor and outdoor light boxes, mobile or fixed scaffold towers, boom and scissor lift fit-outs and operation, truss frames to support scrims, crane rigs, sail cloths, drapes and camouflage netting.


Decking, moving or locked-off truss, winch or counterweighted descender rigs, harnesses for camera crew and safeties for camera gear.


All rigging, scaffold decking, underwater decking, rolling decks, span decks, ramps, bomac track systems, drapes, tarps, crane decks, practical access, stair access, handrails, harnesses, black outs, counterweight.

Special FX

All rigging, winches, decking, scaffold, truss, heavy-duty lifting equipment, flying systems, support for rain rigs and dump tanks, track and trolley systems, counterweight.


All rigging, winches, ropes & pulleys, ramps, flying systems, counterweight.


A huge range of Digital Green and Digital Blue screens, truss frames, flown or ground supported screens, available for  supply and install or dry hire.


Decking, stair access, handrails, span decks, weather proofing, essentials hides, cast vehicle fit-outs, road ply.



Dave Hird, Warren Jones and Graeme Dew have over 60 years of Rigging Experience between them with more than 38 of those specialising in Film Rigging.

Directors are available to be employed individually as Rigging Coordinators, or as advisers on specific projects. Please contact our office to discuss their availability.

For more information on our Directors, and to view their current CV’s, please CLICK HERE.