Survival drama The Shallows, starring the beautiful Blake Lively, finally swam into Australian cinemas last night. Shot, in part, on location on Lord Howe Island and at The-Shallows-Movie-PosterVillage Roadshow on the Gold Coast, Blake Lively stars as a surfer who becomes stranded on a small rocky outcrop just 200 yards from the shore a shark patrols the water around her.
As the first large-scale film production to shoot scenes on Lord Howe Island, the production team chartered 45 landing barges to carry filming equipment to the island and also transported 100 crew for the ten-day location shoot. Dedicated pathways had to be set into the beach for a single-file passage of crew so that the untouched, pristine sands could remain that way! Filming in open water is notoriously challenging for image stability during dialogue scenes, so a camera had to be steadied on a boat-mounted crane while Lively was held still in the water by divers to stop her drifting with the tide.
The Shallows also filmed at the main water tank facility at Village Roadshow Studios, which is the largest of its kind in Australia at nearly 13,000 sq ft. Tri-Point provided a variety of rigging and truss solutions to the studio’s Rigging Department, and Blue Tongue Screens provided all of the digital screens.
The Shallows is in cinemas now, check out your nearest Hoyts or Event Cinema for screening times.