Tri-Point Rigging Services was formed in September 1998 when Dave Hird, Warren Jones and Graeme Dew decided to combine their extensive rigging experience and resources to provide a service in the growing area of specialized Entertainment Rigging.

By engaging Tri-Point, clients receive a wealth of knowledge through the years of combined experience on films sets, international touring stages and construction sites that the three directors possess.

Tri-Point has acquired a considerable stock of Rigging, Scaffolding and Staging Equipment which is suitable for the Entertainment industry. We continually update, research and design specialised equipment. Our gear is in excellent condition, readily available and priced competitively. With an impeccable safety record, we are committed to ensuring that our clients continue to receive the best possible service.


Tri-Point provides professional rigging, staging and scaffolding services to the film, television and entertainment industries. We possess an extensive stock of equipment to suit any project, large or small.

From lighting grid truss rigs, blue screens, and production rigging, through to scaffold structures, concert staging, grandstand seating, truss structures and temporary structures for public access, we consider ourselves to be the entertainment staging and rigging specialists.

We continually update, research and design specialised equipment. Our gear is in excellent condition, readily available and priced competitively. We offer equipment for hire; installed to suit your event or production, or on a dry-hire basis. Our licensed and experienced crew are also available for hire on an hourly basis. Visit out Products & Services tab for more information.


Since forming our company in 1998, we have been called upon to undertake all sorts of weird and wonderful projects, for a huge range of clients from creative marketing agencies to council event departments, independent artists, venues, media outlets and major brands.

We have flown tiny paper planes in a rig across Taylor Square in Oxford Street, decorated huge Christmas trees, flown giant inflatable santas, built an access deck under the Sydney Opera House, built maintenance units on the spines of the Sydney Opera House, flown cars from helicopters, flown people from buildings, and blacked out more venues than we’d care to remember… Speak to one of our team today and let us help you suspend your imagination.


We are honoured to be the exclusive rigging sponsor to the annual Australian Event Awards, as well as proud sponsors of a variety of charity events; which includes providing staging and rigging annually to the Relay for Life fundraiser in Sylvania, in support of the Cancer Council NSW.


Formed in 2004, Blue Tongue Screens Pty Ltd can supply and install Blue and Green Screens for use on film, television and tv commercial projects. We stock an enormous range of blue and green screens, and they are available for hire anywhere in Australia (or overseas). With stock in Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast, we can readily service your production with screens in a variety of sizes. We can also freight screens wherever they need to go. Our screens are available dry hired, or installed by our Rigging Crew. Click the logo for more information.


In 2006 Stage Rig merged with the film and entertainment rigging specialists, Tri-Point Rigging Services. Together the two companies combine a wealth of Rigging and Scaffolding knowledge from Australia and overseas, the technical know-how and equipment to undertake any project, and a supply of very experienced, licensed and committed Rigging and Scaffolding crew. Stage Rig offers a wide range of equipment including Layher & Plettac Scaffolding, Decking, Grandstands and Corporate Handrails. Click the logo for more information.