Atmospheric Memory

About this Project

Tri-Point provided specialised rigging solutions at the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo for an exhilarating exhibition.

Atmospheric Memory was a Rafael Lozano-Hemmer exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo during 2023. The exhibition allowed visitors to interact with artworks in an immersive environment filled with light, sound and colossal projections.

Photo Credits: Powerhouse Museum, Kieren Dew

Our Solutions

Working within the hall required rapid design development adapting to artists and contractor needs. This led to Tri-Point providing a custom designed 6 leg ground support structure with a complex double layered truss grid for lighting, sound and projection screen positions.

Tri-Point also rigged large projection cloths that bordered the entire room, hanging from the truss structure. The size and finish of the cloth required careful and considered fitting to achieve a high-quality finish ready for projection mapping.