About this Project

In the National Geographic limited-series “Limitless with Chris Hemsworth,” the actor explores how to combat ageing and discover the full potential of the human body through a variety of extreme and unique challenges.

In episode 1, “Stress-Proof”, Hemsworth wants to learn how to deal with stress better. Psychologist Modupe Akinola challenges him to stay calm during a terrifying walk along a crane that’s projecting out from the roof of a skyscraper.

The skyscraper used for the challenge was Sydney’s Crown Towers at Barangaroo. The building stands at a height of 271.3 m (890 ft) across 75 floors, making it the tallest building in Sydney and the 4th tallest building in Australia!

Tri-Point Rigging Services were engaged to help safely create and set-up the stunt.


Tri-Point worked with Event Engineering and Richard “The Rope Guru” Delaney from RopeLab to design and manufacture custom steel components in order to attach a safety system to the Building Maintenance Unit (BMU).

We then created and installed two box truss “portals” to attach to the BMU in order to facilitate a safety system at both ends of “the walk” for Chris Hemsworth and all crew, as seen in the footage and screenshots below.

A test rig was conducted at Tri-Point’s yard in Botany before taking it to the Crown Towers.

Key challenges on this project included getting the equipment up to the roof in the first instance!

Definitely a fun one for the books..!