The Australian Event Awards is the pinnacle awards program for the events industry in Australia. The program is guided by ongoing industry consultation to answer the need for cohesiveness across the entire Australian industry, to develop industry identity and to assist Australian operators in cross-development of opportunities between events and event disciplines.
The program is all-inclusive, being open to all Australian events, event managers and support service providers regardless of:

  • event type or audience
  • event size or attendance
  • event location or association membership

It is the only opportunity for Australian events and event organisers to be acknowledged on a level playing field, across the entire national events industry.
For the first time this year, the Event Awards takes it’s annual Awards Ceremony to the Sunshine Coast, to be held on Wednesday September 21 2016 at the Novotel Twin Waters Resort, Queensland.
To view a full list of the finalists, the winners of which will be announced at the black tie ceremony on Wednesday, click here to be taken to the Event Awards website.
Tri-Point Rigging Services continues a long relationship as a Proud Sponsor of the Australian Event Awards.