The Jonesys are on a mission to walk through the centre of Australia, on foot, off track, with their one year old daughter in tow. Together as a family, they attempt to cross some of Australia’s most extreme terrain and conditions in the hopes to live more consciously, forging a deeper connection to the Australian country, people and each other. Their mission is also helping to support the Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku, providing dialysis for Indigenous Australians.
Tri-Point Rigging Services, in collaboration with our in-house welder Tony Geros, sponsored the construction of the outback hauling cart for the family.

The Jonesys wrote a full blog post about the construction of the cart at Tri-Point. Read more about it here.
We love keeping up to date with the Jonesy’s journey through their website and social media channels. Check out for more information or follow their instagram handle @followthejonesys