Fire Fight Australia 2020

Fire Fight Australia 2020

Fire Fight Australia 2020

Known as the ‘Black Summer’, the 2019-2020 bushfire season was particularly devasting to communities throughout Australia this year. If you are an Australian resident, you no doubt know at least one person close to you who was tragically impacted.

TEG Dainty and TEG Live announced a stellar line-up of major international and local artists to perform at ANZ Stadium in Sydney on Sunday 16 February, united together to raise funds for organisations providing vital short, medium & long term “Resuce”, “Relief & Recovery” and “Rehabilitation” assistance in fire affected areas Australia-wide.

The event ran for 10 hours and was broadcast live on television by Channel 7 and Foxtel. A related album by various artists, Artists Unite for Fire Fight: Concert for National Bushfire Relief was released by Sony in March.

Through negotiating favours and discounts with companies, including Tri-Point, organisers were able to keep overheads low enough to raise an incredible $9.85 million for the national bushfire relief effort on the night.

A whopping $9.85 million raised for:

“Rescue” – Rural and regional fire services in affected states

“Relief & Recovery” – Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery

“Rehabilitation” – RSPCA

Tri-Point senior crew standing by at the show: Gillian Huxley, Michael Bell & Robin Chelton


Proudly Supported By

Tri-Point, and many of our industry peers, proudly supported the landmark event. Tri-Point provided concert box truss and chain motors to production, as well as a team of production riggers, led by Robin Chelton, working split shifts day & night to complete the rig, show call and de-rig. For bump out, Tri-Point provided as many as 18 x riggers for production bump out alone.

Robin, his onsite crew, and the Tri-Point office team were all deeply proud to be to be a part of such a great cause that is so close to the hearts of all Australians, together, united.

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